Apsystems International is proud to offer the sports betting package originally developed by Progressive Gaming Software Corporation ( Progressive Gaming Systems S.A. )

We offer a set of the easy-to-use call center clerk and line management interfaces combined with a  complete Agent account tracking module that can save you hundreds of hours managing account transfers and disbursements. You will have digital voice recording capabilities, all of the operations and finance management tools you will need to securely and efficiently manage your sports and racing operations. Of course we support all major bet types for every major sport both in-house and online.

 The sportsbook industry is global in nature. To address that, our back office system is multi-currency enabled and our online client is multi-language ready. We also let you can choose how odds are displayed to your customers (American vs European formats).

Success depends on the quality of an instant access to the right information.  To assure it, we can provide you with developed interfaces to all the major sports wagering line and information services. Our track feed provides real-time horse information (including late scratches, to-the-second post times and results as soon as they are available) for hundreds of tracks located all over the globe.

Sportsbook software designers had years of hands-on sports wagering software experience. Some of the team members were successful bookmakers; others were extensive software engineering expert. Combined, they produced an excellent software system capable of being adapted to any modern sports betting operation anywhere in the world.