Public contract (offer)

This text is an agreement between the online E-shop, hereinafter referred to as the "E-shop", and the user of the online store services, hereinafter referred to as "the Buyer" and determines the conditions for the purchase of goods and services through the website of the Internet store www.

1. General Provisions

1.1. This contract is a public offer (in accordance with the Estonian Civil Code) and contains all the essential conditions for the organization of purchase and sale by remote means, that is through the online store

1.2. In case of acceptance of the terms of this agreement (that is public offer of the Internet store), the citizen (or legal entity) making the acceptance of the offer becomes the Buyer. The acceptance is the fact of placing an order.

2. Terms and definitions

2.1. "Service" - a list of service items presented in the online store.

2.2. "Services" - information about the services, placed in the online store.

2.3. "Order" - the Buyer's decision to accept a service issued in the online store.

2.4. "E-shop" is a section of the website of the Seller intended for ordering and purchasing a particular service through the Internet, which excludes the possibility of direct acquaintance of the Buyer with the service - a remote way of selling the goods.

3. Subject of the contract

3.1. The Seller undertakes to transfer or provide the Buyer with the service, and the Buyer undertakes to pay for the service and accept under the terms of this Agreement.

3.2. This agreement regulates the provision of high-tech services in the online store, including:

A) voluntary choice by the Buyer of the service in "Services";

B) the independent registration by the Buyer of the order in the Internet shop;

C) payment by the Buyer of the order made in the Internet shop;

D) the performance and transfer of the order to the Buyer in the ownership on the terms of this Agreement.

4. Ordering procedure

4.1. Orders are accepted through the website, as well as by the numbers indicated on the site.

4.2. The time of receiving calls and processing orders: 24 hours a day.

4.3. After placing the order, the Buyer receives a message to the e-mail address specified during registration that his order was accepted by the automatic order management system and receives a unique order code, which is necessary to go to the "Payment" section.

4.4 The order is not considered issued if the Buyer has not passed the stage of order confirmation with the representative of the Internet store by e-mail and has not received a unique order code.

5. Cost and order of payment for an order

5.1. The total cost of the order consists of the cost of the service (if it is a SIP telephony card, including the cost of delivery), the amount of the order is calculated by the online store.

5.2. For orders within Estonia delivery to the warehouse of the carrier company is free of charge.

5.3. The buyer pays the order in any way chosen in the online store and regulated by the section "Order" and "Payment".

6. Delivery of the order

6.1. The general term for the execution of the service and delivery order consists of the processing time of the order and the delivery time. The order processing time is up to 3 working days. The delivery time of SIP telephony cards is up to 4 working days by a specialized postal organization and is indicated approximately. The online store assumes no obligation to recover any losses of the Buyer associated with the late delivery of the order of SIP telephony cards. If the Buyer is not satisfied with the delivery time, he has the right to refuse the order on the day of its registration by contacting the operator of the E-shop

7. The procedure for refusing to use the SIP telephony card service.

7.1. The Buyer has the right to refuse from the Seller's services for the sale of SIP telephony cards of the proper quality within fourteen days from the date of receipt by the Buyer of SIP telephony cards, provided the special package of the card is preserved. The buyer must return SIP telephony cards to the Seller's warehouse at his own expense. The Seller returns to the Buyer the cost of the paid SIP telephony cards, minus the costs incurred by the Seller when returning the cards, as well as various commissions for the transfer of funds, within ten working days from the date of receipt of the returned SIP telephony cards.

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